I want to be your Functional Nutrition Advocate. Functional nutrition is a way of evaluating the whole body system to treat underlying causes of symptoms as opposed to putting a band-aid over the symptoms. Curiosity is always at the forefront of the evaluation. My primary intention is to empower you to be the agent of change of your own health.

Julie Bogdan


NRT is a study of how different points on the surface of the body–neurological reflexes and acupuncture points–relate to your state of health. Each point of energy represents a specific organ, tissue, or function. NRT returns these organs to a state of harmony and flow, opening the body’s internal channels of communication. This analysis helps to determine the right type, frequency and sequence of supplements to unlock the body’s optimum health and best armor for disease prevention.

Julie Bogdan


DCN is a combination of food supplements, homeopathic and spagyrically processed herbs used in conjunction with Nutrition Response Testing. These supplements help the body heal itself naturally. Unlike over-the-counter vitamins, which are pharmaceutically engineered chemical fractions of vitamin structures reproduced in a laboratory, DCN is made from whole food and herbs recognizable as nutrients in the body.

Julie Bogdan


NET is a lifestyle management approach, which utilizes muscle testing, to identify and dissipate stuck or stagnant emotional patterns—often from a past unresolved event. I like to say it allows you space to breathe—and also “keeps the windshield clear” of stories that are burdening your load. Because of the mind-body connection, a lighter mental load often translates to a significant physical shift. Rather than ruminating over the session, you walk away feeling lighthearted with the capacity to hold life in your hands.

Julie Bogdan


Energy Rings infuse the body with light. These are a great way to balance the chakras, remove stagnant energy that’s bogging you down and recalibrate the energetic body.

Julie Bogdan


Chiropractic adjustments work with the nervous system that is impacted by physical trauma, emotional tension, chemical toxins, allergies, infection and many other factors. As a result, I always reach beyond traditional manual and instrumental methods to explore how we can help your body reach optimal alignment—a place where it can begin healing itself.